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Preparing for a game

Before attending a D&D Newbie Session, you should make sure you have Discord installed, a character selected, and a virtual tabletop account. Read our step-by-step guide to get started.

What classes and races can I play? Please limit your character to these officially published and playtested races and classes.

Additional resources:

Looking for something else? Try asking Fenwick, our level 1 divination wizard!


Character Management

One of the best resources for building and leveling up characters in D&D is at D&D Beyond. If you’re attending a virtual event, we recommend creating an account and setting up your character there. However, please check the meetup event to see what level you should be and whether there are any restrictions on types of characters. Another simple resource for pre-gen characters is at Digital Dungeon Master. Select a class, select a level, and then download the pre-generated PDF.

Character sheets can be overwhelming and complex for new players. Check out our 5e character sheet guide which will give you a high-level overview of each section (includes screenshots and TL;DR summaries). There is also a D&D Beyond version as well.

Want to build a character? Check out our optimized and comprehensive character guide on Google Docs.


Virtual Tabletops (VTT)

The most popular virtual tabletops you’ll see used at D&D Newbie Sessions are Roll20, Astral, and Foundry. Once you find out which platform your DM is using, please register for an account. There are many other virtual tabletop platforms out there. Here are a few more that might be worth checking out.

You can learn more about using Astral Tabletop by reading our Using Astral Tabletop guide.


Other Tools

Another popular tool is donjon which contains random generators for D&D. You can also type “roll 1d20” (or any other dice number) in Google to quickly conduct a die roll.

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