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Here’s what people are saying about D&D Newbie Sessions

These are real people from our community sharing nice words about our organization, the community, and their dungeon masters. You can read even more testimonials on our Buy Me a Coffee page.

Thanks a bunch for the event, i learned a ton!!!
dbow – Discord server – 2021

I loved meeting all of you in the town tavern and going on adventures. Sam was an excellent DM, so generous to host this for us! I hope to see this team on the next session.
Apparent Magnitude – Los Angeles – 2021

Woohoo!! Thanks for running such a fun game & thanks to you & the whole party for being so awesome!
ValiaLing – Discord server – 2021

Couldn’t have asked for a better group to play with in my first ever game. Thanks Sam for hosting!! Great time.
JackSprack/Burgerr – Discord server – 2021

That was a really fun time! Thank you Sam. Thank you everyone for playing.
Samuel_J_Ryan – Discord server – 2021

I had a ton of fun! So happy I found this group and was able to join in.
ginja – Discord server – 2021

Fantastic, epic adventure and a great crew. Sam, thank you for doing this!
Mithrandir – Discord server – 2021

Hi Sam! I added Newbie Sessions to my patreon subscriptions. I really love the service you guys provide for teaching D&D! This game has so many rules and terminology and is so open and broad that an online learning group is exactly what was needed and it couldn’t come at a better time with everyone stuck in a social distance bubble. You guys have something really wonderful here!
Jeff F. – Denver, CO – 2021

Buy Sam a Dwarven Ale, he just pulled a full 12 hours of DMing and did an amazing job. Thank you Sam!
Samuel_J_Ryan – Discord server – NYE 2020

Sam, Melody, and all involved with organizing this event, thank you!! I haven’t played D&D in about 35 years, and your DM skills, organizational competence and otherworldly levels of patience with newbies made this an exciting, fun, and memorable experience. What a great way to bring in 2021! Looking forward to future adventures. Thank you again!
Brian – Los Angeles – NYE 2020

Sam thanks for putting together a really fun round robin! Super helpful to be able to test combat encounter ideas out in a chill setting and get feedback for improvement.
Walter F. – Denver, CO – 2020

That was the best first game I could have asked for!
Richter – Discord server – 2020

I am an experienced D&D Player and this server is fantastic for everyone.
Jimmy M. – Discord server – 2020

From what I listened in to Sam, you did a good job coaching as well!
Fanatic – Discord server – 2020

Thanks so much, had a lot of fun for my first game!
Alberto – Discord server – 2020

Sam it’s been awesome to see this grow so fast! Thanks for supporting the community
Adam (glasher45) – Discord server – 2020

Thank you so much, Sam! It was a blast 🙂
Soku – Discord server – 2020

That session was excellent. 10/10 would do again.
Grendar – Discord server – 2020

This D&D community has been a great experience even during a time when interacting in person is difficult. There’s opportunities to learn the game, hone your DM’ing skills, and find groups to play long term with or just one-shots. Highly recommended no matter your skill level. This a friendly, welcoming group of D&D players.
Joshua G. – Denver, CO, 2020

“That was awesome! I’ve been waiting 40 years (literally) to get a chance to play; thanks for making my first time so much fun!”
Magenta – Denver, CO – 2019

“We all had a wonderful time! Thank you so much for hosting and including us! We look forward to the second session!”
Christy – Denver, CO – 2019

“I had such a good time and I’m so grateful that you’re doing this — I was so intimidated by everything else out there as a newbie. Super stoked about doing part 2 in the future, hopefully it’s sooner rather than later.”
Tyler K. – Denver, CO – 2019

“I wanted to pass along a cool anecdote. I don’t know if you remember from the most recent session I was at, but there was a middle aged woman named Magenta in our group. I gave her a ride home and we were talking about the session. She told me she has wanted to play for over 30 years, since she was a teenager, but never had a way to do so. She had a ton of fun and couldn’t wait to tell her daughters about it. I don’t know if she mentioned that to you, but I wanted to let you know how much of an impact your game had on her.”
Anonymous – Denver, CO – 2019

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