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Joining D&D Newbie Sessions is easy!

Click on a state below to view and join their Meetup group. You will receive email notifications and/or push notifications from when new events are published. Official events are also shared in the #upcoming-events channel in our Discord server.

Can I join multiple groups? Yes! Many of our members join multiple groups so they can experience a mix of different games and events. You do NOT need to live in the city or state that the Meetup group is made for. However, please be aware of the start time if you join events outside of your timezone!

Are all of the Meetup groups identical? Yes, for the most part. All of the groups are set up the same way and run the same types of events. The only difference is that they run different stories on different days from week-to-week.

Why is there only 1 city per state? Why isn’t every state available? Due to the way works, we have to select a specific city when creating Meetup groups. It’s also very expensive to add Meetup groups for every city and state. Creating groups for every state and/or major city would be extremely expensive.

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