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Our mission

D&D Newbie Sessions is here to bridge the gap between new and experienced players. We run a variety of adventures that don’t require long-term commitments. They allow you to get comfortable with D&D in a newbie-friendly setting. Click the button below to read our mission statement.

Wizards, webcams and what now?

Playing in a Newbie Session is easy! All you need for virtual games is a computer, internet connection, and microphone. Webcams are optional and we even have pre-made character sheets ready to go. Read our FAQ to learn more about what to expect.


From our members

“D&D Newbie Sessions has been a lifesaver for me. I kept accidentally burning up my friends because I’m constantly on fire. Newbie Sessions taught me how to control my inner flame and bring order to my life. Now if only I could invite my girlfriend over to the Elemental Plane of Fire to meet my parents.”

Rak'taj Bartrixl

Fire Elemental, Denver, Colorado

(We had trouble translating this one) “Newbie Game People, thank for fun game.” [Something about big spiders] “You help lot with all things hiss click click darkness is less. Better fighting. You good.” [Something about missing breakfast] “Happy smile.” [Then he bit our interviewer and we had to run off]

Click Click Hiss Heavy Breathing

Ettercap, Chicago, Illinois

“I shall destroy your world and impart upon you the very meaning of pain and misery! But before that, I do admit I had a great time at the Newbie Session game I attended. I think I learned something new about myself and destroying the DM, after the game ended, was very satisfying! I’ll be back. Whether you like it or not!“

Indirial the Destroyer

Mind Flayer, Austin, Texas

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