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1. Join our Discord server

Our community lives and plays on Discord. Join our Discord server and check the #open-games channel for community events and the #upcoming-events channel for official newbie sessions.

2. Join our Meetup groups

All of our official newbie sessions are currently hosted through There are 12 groups for 12 different cities across all 4 US timezones. You can join one or all of them to participate in games. You’ll also receive email notifications as new events are posted.

3. Get excited!

Simply follow the instructions for each Meetup event and you’ll be ready for game night! In the meantime, head over to the Player Resources page for additional information.

Looking for something specific?

Watch the videos below or try asking Fenwick, our level 1 divination wizard.

Join a Newbie Friendly D&D Game

Official games are posted on Join a meetup group to get started. Additional games are posted in our Discord server under the #open-games channel.

Join our DM Training Program

RSVP on or check the #upcoming-events channel in our Discord server to find the latest openings. Make sure you sign-up via the shared spreadsheet. More dates will be posted soon!

Join our DM Round Robin

Join our Discord server and assign yourself a dungeon master role. Then check #dm-private-chat for pinned messages and the #upcoming-events channel for the latest updates.

Run a Community Event

Join our Discord server and assign yourself a dungeon master role. Then check #dm-private-chat for pinned messages. Open the “Run an Event” spreadsheet and fill out the form.

Confused? Watch the embedded videos!

Still confused? Contact @Sam or @Moderators in our Discord server for help!

Adventure Awaits

Join our Discord community today and start playing!