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Get Started

1. Join our Discord server

Our community lives and plays on Discord. Join our Discord server and check the #post-your-game channel for community events and the #upcoming-events channel for official events.

2. Join a Meetup group

We have 12 groups across 4 US timezones. You can join one or all of them to participate in events. You’ll also receive email notifications as new events are posted. This step is optional because Discord is where the majority of our events take place.

3. Get excited!

Once you find a game, reach out to your dungeon master to get started. This process involves building a character, joining a virtual tabletop, and then arriving on game night with fellow newbies to take part in a fun, fantasy adventure! If you need more information, check out our player resources in the meantime.

Learn all about our community

This video covers everything you need to know about the D&D Newbie Sessions community.

Adventure Awaits

Join our Discord community today and start playing!