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Types of Events


One-shots are D&D games that are completed in a single sitting, as opposed to an ongoing campaign. These are the primary types of games we run for Newbie Sessions because they allow players to experience a mix of what D&D has to offer without requiring the long-term commitment of a campaign. One-shots are fun, focused, and sometimes challenging mini-adventures.

  • Learn D&D in a single game
  • No long-term commitment
  • Test out different character races and classes
  • Experience a variety of D&D content


Open World Adventures

Open World Adventures (formerly Sandbox Adventures) are an extension of our one-shots, but involve open-world gameplay and persistent characters. Starting in 2021, we have launched regular open world adventures which will allow players to keep their characters, level them up, and carry loot into future games.

  • Same benefits as the one-shot adventures PLUS…
  • Build a character and use it across adventures
  • Find epic loot and use it in future adventures
  • More opportunity to integrate your character’s backstory into the adventures



Hexcrawls are community wide games which involve exploring the world of Aldrium. As parties play, they choose hexes on the map to explore and discover what lies beneath. It could be an encounter with a dangerous enemy, a mysterious and powerful object, a hidden cave, a friendly witch, and many other things. Over time, the map will eventually be revealed and a new world will take its place.

  • Same benefits as the one-shot adventures EXCEPT…
  • Less story-driven
  • More combat and exploration
  • Games are typically shorter


Ongoing Campaigns

Some of our events are long-term, ongoing campaigns, depending on the DM. These campaigns may span a few games or dozens of games over the course of a year or more. We recommend only joining a campaign if you’re ready to commit to it. Dungeon Masters spend a lot of time working on campaigns and it can be disruptive and disappointing if a player decides to drop out. However, campaigns can be incredibly fun and rewarding because you become attached to your character and the story that’s unfolding before you.

  • Experience the magic of a long-term campaign
  • Requires a long-term commitment
  • Form long-term friendships with your team members


Community Campaigns

Community Campaigns are similar to ongoing campaigns except they include many players over a long period of time. Each group of players may play 3-5 games before their turn is over. Then a new party is formed and progresses the story along in another part of the world. Their actions reshape the world and the events taking place within them. This is the format we’re currently using for the Kingdom of Aldrium.

  • Experience what a longer-term campaign is like
  • Requires a medium-term commitment (approximately 1 month)
  • Forge new friendships with your team members
  • Make your mark in the world of Aldrium


DM Training Sessions

Want to become a dungeon master, but don’t know how to get started? Join our DM Training Program and sign-up for an interactive training simulation where you’ll learn fundamental concepts, tips and tricks, how to use the Astral virtual tabletop (VTT), and more! It only takes 2-3 hours and you’ll feel more confident in your DM abilities upon completion.

  • No DM experience is required
  • Learn to DM in a single setting
  • Build confidence using the Astral Tabletop platform
  • Gain access to our helpful DM community


DM Mini One-Shots

If you’re a new or experienced DM, our mini one-shot training exercises are a great way to gain real-world experience running D&D, experiment with new ideas, balance encounters, and more. Join our DM community on Discord and keep an eye out for open slots.

  • Minimal DM experience is required
  • Gain real-world experience in a support environment
  • Test new ideas and experimental concepts
  • Balance encounters by testing them here


Coming Soon: Raids

Raids are an interesting new concept similar to one-shots except that they are significantly harder and are meant to be run multiple times by each player. Each raid contains at least 1 challenging boss who drops powerful loot. Loot is then used to challenge even harder bosses in other raids. If you’re familiar with raids in World of Warcraft, these are very similar.


Note: For all of the game types above, official events are titled “D&D Newbie Session – Name of Adventure” and are almost exclusively hosted by Sam (Organizer). Unofficial games will be titled something different and hosted by a different DM. Unofficial events are still newbie friendly and conform to the mission of D&D Newbie Sessions.

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