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The Forgotten Realms

The Forgotten Realms, the world of Toril, and the continent of Faerûn are the official D&D fantasy settings created by Wizards of the Coast. Most of the official D&D modules like Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and the Adventurers League take place in these campaign settings. Some of our D&D Newbie Sessions one-shots and campaigns also take place in Faerûn, but generally we create homebrew worlds.


The Kingdom of Aldrium

The Kingdom of Aldrium is our homebrew world for D&D Newbie Sessions. It is a harsh and dangerous land that has existed for many ages. Aldrium is slowly shaped by our players actions as they play through our one-shots and campaigns. You can view the world map and the current player discoveries here.


Other Homebrew Worlds

There are many other homebrew worlds out there including many modules and one-shots that don’t exist within an explicitly defined world. Some of our one-shots take place in other campaign settings or exist in a standalone world that we only use for that specific story.

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