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Thank you for playing!

Graphics from the Dungeon Mayhem D&D card game

Welcome to our community!

I hope you had a good time learning how to play D&D. If you have additional questions, feel free to ask them in our Discord server in channels like #ask-questions and #player-questions. If you’re interested in playing again, feel free to sign-up for future events and games through Meetup or Discord. If you didn’t have a good time or faced an issue with the event, please let us know by leaving some feedback so we can improve! (Feedback can be left anonymously.)

Here are some terms and acronyms you might see around our community:

  • 5e = 5th edition
  • D&D = Dungeons & Dragons
  • DM = Dungeon Master
  • GM = Game Master
  • Homebrew = Unofficial content
  • House Rule = Unofficial rule
  • LFG = Looking for Goup
  • LFM = Looking for More
  • TTRPG = Tabletop Roleplaying Game
  • VTT = Virtual Tabletop


Also, don’t forget to…

follow us on social media so you can get notified about game nights, special events, and other cool things happening in our community. We also have a community newsletter that gives an overview of our community, where we’re headed, and what we’re focused on.

You can also join additional Meetup groups to get access to more events on a regular basis. Just pay special attention to the start time if you join events outside of your timezone. Official events can also be found on our event calendar and in the #upcoming-events channel in our Discord server. Lastly, you can occasionally find community DMs hosting unofficial events in the #open-games channel and the Looking for Group (#lfg) channels.

Do you play video games like Among Us and Valheim? Great! Come join us for video game nights in Discord. Simply assign yourself the @Gamer role in the #assign-a-role channel and keep an eye out for the notification. We usually play together on Friday nights. Newbies are 100% welcome!

Reminder: You should only attend named adventures like “The Rust” and “Fine Dining” once. When these events get posted, they are the same story run over and over for new players. You should only attend them again if they specifically say “Part 2”. This does NOT apply to open world adventures and hexcrawls which are dynamic and can be joined over and over again.

Want to learn more about our growing fantasy world of Aldrium? Check out our wiki which covers locations, NPCs, lore, player impacts, player characters, and more. In fact, you can even submit your character to become an official part of the world!

Lastly, if you’re interested in other ways to get involved, try asking Fenwick, our recently hired Level 1 Divination Wizard. He’s a real nice guy and will try to help you out the best he can!


One last thing…

If you’re feeling appreciative for the game or event today and want to support our mission, please consider donating via Patreon or Buy Me a Coffee. Funds go toward helping us cover our monthly expenses which are currently at about $164 per month. Every little bit helps and the more we cover the more we can grow and do cool things. Here is our current fundraising progress:

  • Percent of 2021 expenses covered from donors like you: 85% 85%

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