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Prepare for Battle

Common & Rare Enemies

Since most games we run are lower level and built for newbies, the enemies you’ll face are common in many campaign settings. For instance, bandits, goblins, zombies, and orcs are common foes you’ll face at level 1 and level 2. At higher levels, you’ll occasionally battle against the Kuo-toa, giants, owlbears, and lizardfolk. We also have some unique bosses who are modeled after monsters from the Monster Manual, but may have unique and interesting abilities.


Weapons, Armor, & Gear

At Newbie Sessions, your pre-gen character sheet will come with weapons, armor, and spells appropriate for your class and level. You’ll often have an opportunity in town to purchase new gear as well. For instance, a cheap set of ball bearings can be suprisingly useful (wink wink). It’s also important to remember that some monsters can’t be attacked by non-magical weapons and you might face monsters who have resistance to certain types of damage (which makes your attacks against them less effective). Be sure to keep these things in mind before heading off into the dangerous and untamed wilderness!

Oh, and don’t forget to ask your DM if there are any health potions nearby. They can save your life in a pinch!


Strategy & Tactics

If you have time before the battle, be sure to discuss it with your team. Come up with a plan, but prepare to be flexible. While our monsters may be designed for Newbie Sessions, that doesn’t mean they’ll die without a fight. Monsters may use tactics and abilities that surprise you, so think creatively about how else you can leverage your equipment and environment to gain an advantage. For instance,¬†dropping a heavy rock from above, unleashing a torrent of water, or destroying the floor beneath a foe can go a long way in securing a victory for your team. If all else fails, sometimes talking to your enemy can have surprising benefits and allow you to learn interesting things.

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