In-person games are postponed

Official in-person games are currently postponed. However, some Dungeon Masters hosting unofficial events may decide to host an in-person event. In those cases, you should use your best judgement and decide whether it’s worth the risk. We highly recommend anyone hosting or attending an in-person event require masks, social distance as much as possible, provide hand sanitizer, and excuse anyone who is feeling ill or displaying symptoms. Please be careful and do your best to protect your fellow newbies.

Note: Official events are titled “D&D Newbie Session #X – Name of Adventure” and are almost exclusively hosted by Sam (Organizer). Unofficial games will be titled something different and hosted by a different DM. Unofficial events are still newbie friendly and conform to the mission of D&D Newbie Sessions.


D&D for your mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard on everyone. It’s changed our world, shuttered businesses, and made many activities more dangerous. But D&D is an excellent way to tackle the stress, boredom, and challenges of COVID-19. It allows you to socialize virtually and temporarily escape from reality into wondrous fantasy worlds. It’s also a great way to combat the boredom of being stuck indoors. If you’ve never tried D&D before, we highly recommend giving it a shot whether that be an official Newbie Session or a game with some friends, family, or coworkers. You won’t be disappointed! Get Started


D&D for healthcare workers

The news has been full of reports about overworked, stressed out, and socially isolated healthcare workers. It occurred to me the other day that D&D could be a cathartic experience for people dealing with COVID-19. It’s a fun, silly game, full of laughter and creativity; it allows people to blow off steam and socialize in a virtual setting; and it’s a great way to escape from reality for a short while and focus on something entirely different and positive. Our newbie friendly events don’t require any experience and are free and open to everyone. We highly encourage healthcare workers to give it a try! Get Started


D&D for veterans

Are you a military veteran looking for a new hobby and a way to connect with people in a fun social setting? D&D is a great way to work together as a team, tackle challenging problems, and engage tactically on the battlefield. Everyone is welcome and our players come from a vast array of backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, cultures, and professions. Learning the game is easy and you’ll fit right in with other new players who have never played before. Get Started

D&D for youth

D&D Newbie Sessions is an adult community, but we often get asked about whether children (anyone under 18 years old) can join and play. Official events are restricted to 18 years and older, but other DMs may run (unofficial) games for them in Discord. To help assist with finding and forming groups for our youth members, please submit your information and we’ll get in touch as soon as we can!

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